Brain Stimulator Method Review

Brain Stimulator Method Review

Want to read a sincere review of the digital brain development program, The Brain Stimulator Method, the advertisement of which raises several curious and intriguing questions in the mind? Let’s read the authentic The Brain Stimulator Method review to learn what it is all about and the pros and cons of the product.

  • Is it a genuine product?
  • Why does Dr. Richard Humphrey, the author, claim that he is speaking from a secret location from the US?
  • Why would the MENSA International and other global high IQ societies be forced to ban it?
  • How it sounds too good to be true?

What Is It All About?

The product The Brain Stimulator Method is claimed to be the most advanced, efficient and the quickest way to improve memory and overall brain functioning. It contains a collection of more than 30 unusual, 5-minute brain training exercises which can be performed easily by anyone anytime, anywhere.

The product offers a complete brain health package which bypasses the use of any drugs, medications or diagnostic tests. As claimed, the 30+ tried and tested “brain workouts” can help prevent or reverse the effects of different neurological disorders, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Worried about the quickly progressing dementia of his wife, Dr. Humphrey(the author)applied the brain health exercises recommended by Dr. Wilson on her and they showed amazing results in a short span of time, claims the author.

According to the author, the individuals suffering from cognitive or memory related issues need to do the brain training workout on daily basis. However, for such exercises, theyneed to spare only five minutes a day.

He says the suggested brain tricks can help stimulate the generation of new neurons. The neurons are the basic units of the brain and the nervous system that serve as the carriers of messages between the brain and other organs of the body.

In the book, the author furthers claims that his tested and tried brain tricks can also rewire the plasticity of the brain (neuroplasticity). An umbrella term, the neuroplasticity refers to the changes in the structure and function of the brain.

On the direction of the researcher Dr. Wilsom (the so called human guinea pig), the author also details an easy to follow, step-by-step procedure to help the users get the promised results.

Bonus Items:

If you purchase Dr. Humphrey’s the Brain Stimulator System, in addition to the e-book (main manual), you will also get several bonus items. The free gifts included in the package include:

  • An audio version of the Brain Stimulator Method guide.
  • A 60-page beginners’ guide to meditation and yoga.
  • A 100-page book that contains lessons from miracle doctors and details a step-by-step method to improve and optimize your health.
  • Jason Blackston’s10 deadly health myths of the 21st century.
  • An eBook of home remedies on holistic curative measures for various brain disorders, etc.

Author’s Claims:

As you read review on the official website, the author of the product “The Brain Stimulator Method” makes several loud claims which may sound unrealistic. For example, he says his research-backed digital brain development program offers a shockingly simple and highly effect way to supercharge the brain health of the individual, improve memory and concentration and effortlessly tackle brain issues like dementia and the Alzheimer’s disease.

Secondly, as per the author’s claims, the product has the potential to permanently reprogram how the brain works in as little as two weeks. Thirdly, the information and brain training exercise found in the book are backed by years of revolutionary, off-the-grid research by a leading neuroscientist who has dedicated 25 years of his life to the field.

The fourth seemingly preposterous claim is that incredible power of the Stimulator Method would force MENSA International and other global high IQ societies ban the product as it will make the mockery of the hard work needed to qualify as the member of such societies.

Chapter Breakdown:

The information containedin different chapters of the books is given below:

Ch. 1:

The chapter 1 of The Brain Stimulator Method gives a detailed account of the physiology of the brain.

Ch. 2:

In the 2nd chapter, you users will come across useful information about different processes and functions of the human memory.

Ch. 3:

The 3rd chapter of the eBook provides an in-depth analysis of different functions of memory. Here you will get an idea how the Brain Stimulation System employs a scientific approach to boosting memory.

Ch. 4:

In Chapter 4, the users will find valuable information about the relationship between physical exercise and the mental prowess. The topics, like the negative influence of external chemicals and hormones by the body, have also been discussed in this chapter.

Ch. 5:

The 5th chapter of the eBook on the Brain Stimulator Method lists 14 tips that the users can integrate into their daily lives to strengthen their cognitive functions. It also gives updated reviews of the top brain training games and apps.

Ch. 6:

The chapters 6, 7 and 8 deal with the preventive measures that can be used to stop the onset or progression of different brain disorders. Here you will also learn about simple dietary and lifestyle changes which can prevent or reverse the deterioration of the brain. To be precise, these three chapters put forward a holistic approach to healing your mind in the best possible manner.

Ch. 7:

The most important section of the Brain Stimulator Method, chapter 9 deals with the 30+ brain workouts (tricks) that you can apply to prevent the loss of memory, boost the brain power as well as combat the disorders like the Alzheimer’s and dementia.At the same time, the author presents each exercise with detailed illustrations so that the users can easily understand how to apply them.


As the Brain Stimulator Method reviews suggest, some of the possible advantages of the product are listed below:

  • As claimed by the author, the users can ascertain the real efficiency of this digital brain development program in a few days. If the promised results do not appear, they can go for the refund.
  • The product is cost-effective.
  • Several free gifts are included in the package.
  • The book employs an easy language and guides the users with a convenient step-by-step procedure to do exercises. The entire program has been explained in a neat, simple and systematic manner.
  • In addition to offering an efficient treatment for the brain disorders like dementia and the Alzheimer’s, the program is also highly effective for the improvement of cognition and memory.
  • The entire program seems to be based on the realsituations that often occur in the life of the individuals.
  • As the package includes an audio version of the eBook, the users can save a lot of their valuable time as they won’t have to read the book.
  • As claimed by the author, nearly 40,000 people enjoy the benefits of the practical methods advocated in this digital guide.
  • As the Brain Stimulator Method does not suggest the use of any drugs or diagnostic tests, the users don’t have to worry about any side effects of the product.
  • The users need to spare only 5 minutes a day to practice the brain exercises. Also they have the freedom to workoutanytime, anywhere.
  • The brain workouts advocated in this digital brain health program can stimulate the growth of new neurons and rewire the brain plasticity.


Did you notice the official information about the product sounds too good to be true? The author makes several loud claims which seem to be unrealistic.

For example, he makes mention of a 104 yearold professor, Dr. Wilson,who had been acting as human guinea pig to test different brain workouts on himself for over 6 decades. The work was published in countlesspeer-reviewed medical journals. But why does the author not give the name of any such journals? He must have taken pride in giving references to at least a few journals.

While reading the Brain Stimulator Method review, you should also go through the cons of the product as listed below:

  • The information given in the official product review is confusing. While the author claims to be speaking from a secret location in the US, he still shows his picture. Why does such a revolutionary neuroscientist need to hide his location and identity?
  • There aren’t online references to the real Dr. Humphrey outside of the websites directly related to the Brain Stimulator Method.
  • The claim that Alzheimer’s disease can be treated by simple brain exercises is not backed by the latest research findings.
  • The physical version of the book is not available.
  • Reading eBook demands a lot of time.

Final Verdict:

Though the description of the product on official sources causes confusion and raises several curious questions, still the product “The Brain Stimulator Method” seems to be worth purchasing. Even if you take it just a piece of valuable information about the functioning of brain and memory, you won’t be in the loss.

Furthermore, the package also includes several gifts items, for example the audio version of the eBook, and a beginner’s guide to yoga and meditation, which add to its cost-effectiveness.

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