Daily Brain Exercises to Improve Working of Your Brain

Daily Brain Exercises To Improve Brain Health

Why to Go for Brain Exercises:

Behaving just like other muscles in the body, human brain can work at its best only with balanced nutrition and proper exercise. The malnutrition and lack of activity, on the other hand, involve the inevitable consequence of making one dull. Meanwhile, you also need to realize that a great variety of internal and external factors affect the structure and working of your brain either directly or indirectly. One of the most important of such factors is that of exercise. You can get convinced of its immense effectiveness within a day! Exercise not only helps you bring the brain back into shape but also serves to render a great deal of . To be precise, different daily brain exercises have sufficient potential to change the whole world before you and make your life extremely beautiful and enjoyable.

Daily Brain Exercises:

There are different daily work outs for brain that can significantly enhance the as well as . Some of these are being briefly described below. Just go through them while thinking about their application in order to beautify and add colors to your life.

Be a Voracious Reader:

Extensive reading activity is one of the best tools to extend your brain’s horizon and prepare it for better functioning. As a harder exercise adds more to the strength of body muscles, reading a more challenging and complex text would serve as better type of exercise for your brain. So, apart from reading books, magazines, newspapers and novels, you should also go through such prose works or articles that have complex syntactic and semantic patterns.

Solving Puzzles:

are of different types and come in various structures and patternsbut all have positive effects for your brain. An effort to solve perplexing puzzles acts as a vigorous mental exercise. In this way, you not only become witty and sharp-minded but also better able to cope with the troublesome issues that you face in routine life.

Increase Exposure to Blue Light in the Morning:

There are circadian rhythms, on work in your body, that control the cycles of sleep and wake. Latest research has shown that blue light is very beneficial for the regulation of circadian rhythms. Scientists have also discovered that besides enhancing energy and focus, light increases the creativity of brain and makes it more alert than a cup of coffee does. But how to increase exposure to light? The best source of blue light is at your very disposal in the form of sun. You simply need to go for a morning walk for around fifteen minutes within half an hour after you wake up.

Avoid Exposure to Light at Night:

Avoiding exposure to blue light at night is another of the fruitful daily brain exercises. As there is a specific time for everything to give the best results, the exposure of brain to blue light is good only in the morning or during the day time and it can have very bad effects at night. There is a logic to understand it, i.e. as the night falls, your body and mind prepare for sleep and any alertness triggered by blue light will be opposed by the natural system of your body. Disturbance in sleep, on the other hand, poses a serious hindrance in the efficient working of brain. So, you should avoid the exposure of your body (and brain) to different sources of blue light such as lamps, streetlights, phones, laptops, and so on.

Intermittent Fasting—One of the Best Daily Brain Exercises:

Subjecting your brain to starving intermittently can cause a number of very good things to happen. It is because fasting not only triggers the burning of tons of fat in the brain, it also makes the brain cells to offer greater resistance to the possible damages from stress. Moreover, intermittent fasting has also been found to help the human brain in getting rid of old and worn out cells by means of increasing autophagy. In this way, fresh cells are generated that work more efficiently. At the same time, you need to realize that fasting for longer periods can have negative impacts. Just observe moderation as it is desired in anything and everything.

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